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Friday, August 1, 2008

Time Tangled Island

Here's how to do this mission:

1. Walk left to Pendulum's Lab
2. Click on the girl, and you'll get in
3. She wants you to do a mission
4. Walk left and to the bottom
5. Push the thing and the time machiene will work
6. Enter it, and keep walking left, until you meet yourself in about 60 years old
7. Your 60 year old self will give you a watch
8. Click on the watch that will be at the bottom left of your page
9. Go to the 3rd place next to the word LAB
10. Jump all the way up untill you see a guy in blue
11. Go where the snake is and jump to the right
12. Go all the way to the top as much as possibly
13. Jump VERY far right to the TIMBUKTU INN
14. Enter inside and find a guy that's holding a piece of paper that's roled up.
15. He's want you to do a puzzle, do it, and you can get The Declaration Of Independence
16. Go to the Fourth place next to the LAB
17. Go all the way left, and jump up the clouds
18. Go all the way right, jump, and walk right again
19. Jump down to the wood under the gap
20. jump right to get a piece medal
21. Go to the fith place next to the LAB
22. Walk all the way right to the the 3rd stair with an old guy on it, he'll give you a mask, put it on
23. Go to the guard with goggles on, talk to him, and he'll give you the googles
24. Go to the 6th place net to the LAB
25. Walk right and jump on to the Contruction Place
26. Just jump all the way to the right, with a guy at it.
27. He wants you to play a memory game to get a amulet
28. Go back to the 2nd place next to the LAB
29. Click on the first guy you see and give him the Amulet
30. Now go to the 7th place next to the LAB
31. Walk right and the the first room you see
32. Go to the second floor with Tomas Jefferson on it, give him the Declaration Of Independence
33. Go to the 8th place next to the LAB
34. Click on the first guy you see and give him the peace medal
35. Walk all the way right until you see a tree, climb it, on the top is a Stone Bowl
36. Go back to the 6th place next to the LAB
37. Do the same thing, exept this time, go to the left instead of right
38. Iif you did it right, you'll see a soldier, give him the Stone Bowl
39. Now go to the 9th place next to the LAB
40. Walk all the way left until you see a bike, click on the red target
41. The bike will start moving to the tree, jump on the tree and to the top of the buling, you'll find a piece of stone
42. Go back to the 5th place and give the piece of stone to the king
43. Go to the 10th place next to the LAB
44. Jump to the top of the Satue Of Liberty
45. Jump the MOST farest you can and you'll end up at the end of the page
46. There is a notebook there, get it
47. Go back to the 4th place
48. Jump all the way up to LEO'S WORKSHOP
49. Give Leo the notebook and go to the 11th place next to the LAB
50. Walk right, follow the path and keep going up
51. There is a gap covered in snow, so watch out.
52. Soon, you will find a rope, climb up
53. Give the girl in blue the goggles
54. After that, go even higher
55. Follow the steps, and you'll find the model
56. Go back one time period and give the guy that's inside a thing called Gaget, Gauthier and Cie
57. Go back to the first place next to the LAB
58. Get on top of the place with 2 gaurds around it, you'll find a Phonograph
59. Go back to the 9th place, enter the white house, and give the guy on the second floor the Phonograph
60. Go back to the 7th place and go on top the red house, you'll find Salt Rocks
61. Go to the 3rd place, and give the guy in blue the Salt Rocks
62. Go back to the 6th place
63. walk ALL the way to the left end of the page, and get the Gunpower
64. Go to the 2nd place, place the gunpower near the rocks
65. enter the dark cave
66. You won't get much time, SO DO IT QUICKLY!
When you start: DON'T GO TO THE BOTTOM Jump over the bottom, walk right jump down, when you see the water, jump over it, and you'll see the golden Vase. Get it
67. Go to the fisrt place and return the golden vase to a gaurd
68. Go back to the LAB, and enter the future
1. Walk right, pass the water, and into the tube
2. Go on the train, the bubbles on top will carry you to the next train
3. Get off the train when the Solar Power Building Appears
4. Get on the little gray thing and get off it when you start seeing trees, enter the tube
5. Go to the second floor and find yourself
6. You've finished the mission!