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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nabooti Isalnd Walkthrough!!

Nabooti Island OUT!
1. Enter Nabooti Ilsand
2. Go into the Nabooti Isalnd Museum (the place is where you landed)
3. go all the way down, check out the museum if you want
4. Once you are down, go right and the computer shows you a statue
5. Go to the girl standing to the left of the staute
6. Remeber? CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! Talk to the girl and click the very bottom question, she wants you to recover the jewels
7. No- She'll say, Too Bad Yes- She'll say, Great! Take this map
8. Click yes (if no, you can't really do anything
9. Go out the museum
10. Walk left, you can click to talk to people in the yard sale, but go left pass the fly by night place and see the man?
11. He said hop into the plane, go in the plane next to him
12. Press Fly
13. You can fly all around Africa!
14. Let's go to......Mountains Of the moon! Go there
15. Go left! JUMP OVER THE GOATS!!!!
16. Pass the water, jump over the goat again, run left the the very end, and LET the goat hit you, you'll go up a cliff
17. Go jump to the nearest tree,which is right, the next tree, jump up to the girl with a blue hat
18. Talk to her, she wants a fig, see the red fig thats above you?
19. Jump to the fig and you have it!
20. Go left to the lady, jump over the water, and keep running left to the end
21. Jump on the cliff, the next cliff has a goat, ump on top of the goat and it will take you up to icy paths
22. Go right of the icy path and jump on the last icy cliff
23. iIf the goat doesnt help, go jump on the cliffs on the left, walk right out the icy paths
24. Go jump to the old man, he wants to play Macalana with you, I can't explain how the game works, but it will tell you
25. Hopfully, win, if you do, he'll let you enter the cave
26. When you win, enetr the cave
27. Just jump to the very bottom, get the cellphone Remember?
28. Go up again, jump right to the skinny, long stones, do it until you see the red jewel
29. Get the red jewel
30. Get out of The moutains of the moon
31. And go to Blue Nile Falls
32. Jump on top of the airplane, jump up to the grassy cliffs, all the way up and get a purple flower
33. I KNOW THERE SOMETHING ELSE TO DO, but go back to Nabooti
34. Go back to the yard sale
35. Click on the woman in orange
36. She wants a trade with the purple flower
37. Just click Its a deal!
38. Put on the turban
39. Go back to the plane and to GIZA
40. Go right, a guy will give you a shovel
41. Go back to the plane and to KAYA'S FOREST
42. Walk right, jump onto a pot, then to the house, and then to a tree, and get the gold
43. Back to Nabooti!
44. Go to the yard sale, give the man in purple a trade for the gold, he'll give you a camera
45. Goto SAFARI
46. Go all the way right and talk to big Zeke
47. Click on the last thing you can say, and he'll take you to a good place
48. Take 7 good photos, but I'm pretty sure you can only take 8 photos, so dont mess up
- Alligator
- Gazelle
- Elephant
- Bird
49. Aafter you token 7 good photos, Zeke will give you a mining hat
50. Put on the mining hat a get out of SAFARI and to DIAMOND MINES
51. Do whatever you have to to get to the right end
52. The working man will let you through, go to the yellowinsh machiene
53. Click in the stick between the yellow and green light, it turns off the eletric
54. You only have a matter of time to go back left, up the grass, go right, and enter in to somewhere
55. When you entered, go left and jump on the minecarts railings to the top, go to where all the carts came from and enter down
56. See that green button? Aand the can to the very left with a fire sticker on it?
57. First, turn off the green light
58. Push the can till the bolder blocks it
59. Turn the green light back on and the bolder explodes
60. Turn off the green light again
61. Move the can till the very very very end!
62. Turn the green light back on
63. The rocks explode
64. Enter the new room
65. Go right, push the thing until it goes down the ramp, the thing when be like a roller coaster
66. When it oes to the top, bend your head DOWN
67. Also, when it tells you to jump; JUMP!
68. Might have to try it a couple times
69. When you are done, you have entered a new room
70. Go right, jump on the bump, and jump on the blocks
71. Click on the jewels, they say that you can reconize the Nabooti jewel by the magnifing glass
72. Pick up the magnifing galss on the bottom right hand corner
73. Once you found the right jewel, go up the rope
74. Get out of the DIAMOND MINE and to Blue Nile Fall again
75. Go all the way up a few grass cliffs, and to the person with a chicken, feed, and a fox.
76. Press how can I help, heres how to do it
-Bring the chicken to the other side
- Bring the feed to the other side, don't go back yet
- Take the chicken and bring it to the other side again
-Take the fox and bring it the the other side
- Take the chicken and bring it to the other side again
77. When your done, the person will tell you that a secret cave is behind the large bush in the right waterfall
78. Jump to a stone to the RIGHT
79. Like the person said, go to the large bush (kinda looks like another plant) and click on it
80. Enter the secret hole
81. Jump to the possible skinny , tall cliff, ignore the spike, and jump FASTER THAN FAST!
82. You don't have to jump faster, it's just better, some skinny cliffs, when you land on some, a spike will drop, you fall down the water, and get up again, but there will be no spike the second time
83. Once you jumped over the cliffs, walk right and get the purple jewel
84. Go out of BLUE NILE FALL and back to KAYA'S FOREST
85. Go right, see the big turtle? Feed it the redish fruit thing, it will move, use your shovel to dig a spot, and you'll get a elephant and 2 soliders, talk to them
86. He asked for help, we'll come back
87. Get out of KEYA'S FOREST and to GIZA, before you go to Giza, go back to Nabooti Isalnd and do a last trade to get something, go back to Kaya's Forests and return the fingo, you'll get a jewel(now go back to Giza)
88.Look at your shovel closely. See the number? Dial it on the cellphone
89. Someone will get, click on his backpack and you'll get a moon stone
90. Place the moonstone in the ring on top of the cat thingy
91. It will open the door, enter it
92. Go right, see the thing with 4 strings on it?
93. Click and move the strings until all the strings are in ROWS
94. Go more right and jump on the block, till the end, go in the room
95. Jump p, walk left and see the 4 blocks?
96. you have to match the 4 block to the bottom, once you did you can go on the thing that held the 4 blocks and jump VERY left to get onto the trap door, well used to be a trapdoor
97. Walk left, go down, and see the block?
98. Jump on the pictured blocks in a order, to know which comes first, the first room in this pyrimid had markings, the markings tell which is in order
99. When you got the 4 blocks, jump to the last block and go you the rope, go right
100. Look at the BIG statue, next to it are mini pictures of the satue, go to the right one a flip the swich
101. Flip the next swich, go reight another statur, flip it's swiches, go fast cause the sand is rising!!!
102. You can always press reset, which is on the very left
103. Oh yeah, see the picture in the bottom middle/ The statues are telling to oreder, the swich just makes the statues fall down, so get to know the oreder first
104. If you did it correctly, the coffin will open, realving a mummy with the last gem, get out of the place and back to NABOOTI!
105. Go back to the museum and put the gems back
106. Put gems in order like this:
Dial 911 on the cellphone and you can wear a polica hat Dial 411 and get a brain Hat


Alexanderyean said...

Thanks man! The walkthrough helped me a lot. However, I am currently stuck at the part when I'm in the tomb, and i got the four blocks in the correct order and I entered where the trapdoor used to be, and I went to the first room and saw the inscriptions on the walls, but I dont know how to put the blocks in the correct order as they keep dropping down when I step on them. Can u help me? Please? I'll tell u another cheatcode for the cellphone if u help me!

Alexanderyean said...

No offense, but oh yeah, Amy, if i were u i wounldnt give out so much info about myself as they are baad people out there on the net. P.S. once again thanks for the walkthrough please view my first comment if you have not yet done so.

Cheesecake said...

for the blocks in the tomb: what i did was that I put them in correct order starting from left to right. first, reset the thing until the let end block is at one of the ends platform. (push it to the right end, and push it beyond the platform, for more room.) then the following block should be at the end of the left end of the platform. push it to the starting block. The next block should be at the right end. push it to join the others, and leave some room for the last block. for the last (at the left end), if you left room, if you push the block off the left side, they should all be in order. just go to the left end of the blocks (now in order), and push it until they're in position. (sorry, this is a bit complicated.)

Fatima said...

thanks!!! but at the tomb where r the inscriptions and how do u order da bloks, cuz i keep falling en i step on them.

Amy said...

Many of you guys ask about the falling blocks. Remember the first room in the spinx has four pictures on the wall, bottom to top is the order, the falling blocks, seom of them have picturs on them, jump on the right picture in order, you'll be able to jump on the next. Sorry if I diddn't explain it well

Molly-Jean said...

HELP on the safari where is the gazelle!?!?!?


Amethyst said...

ha coll i need to know the totome order so thanks

IcyFairy said...

K Pplz, this is how to get through the 2 hard obsticles in the tomb thing.

k with the falling blocks, first, dont jump on the bottom ones,
then find the one block above you with a stick type person.
next find one [ without walking anywhere or jumping ] with a symbol like a rock on water. the next one is a bird with a cane or something.. then find the eye. Make sure you dont move on the red and tan blocks or jump till ur jumping on the next blocks above you :-)

Now for the sand stuff..
u have to act quick,
first go all the way to the right and pull the lever under the bat shaped vase
then run to the one withh like an alian shaped head. the next one looks like a lion, and the last is the frog vase
u can reset it if u didnt do it right

andreegie said...

Great help, but what if you dial the number and noone answers?

Cheesecake said...

Molly-Jean: im pretty sure the gazelle is in the far right hand bottom corner. it takes a while for it to show up, but i think it's there.

andreegie: for the phone, you HAVE to be in giza. no where else.

Alexanderyean said...

Thanks! Here's the cheat code:
call 1337 with the cellphone to get a cool costume!!!